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This is UnclutteringME, LLC

Hi, I'm Cynthia,  a Professional Decluttering Coach and Organizer.

I have a passion for decluttering, for the peace of mind and freedom brought by clutter free living.

I'm available in Central and Down East Maine, as well as internationally/online.

As a Certified Professional in the Dana K White "No Mess Method" of decluttering, I am able to assist and show you real strategies even if you are living with neurodivergent challenges, such as ADD or ADHD. Dana K White is a best selling author of A Slob Comes Clean, How To Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind and Decluttering at the Speed of Life. I teach and use Dana's "No Mess Method" for any of my clients who request this and when I can see that this is what may be most effective for them to succeed.

Also offered, is what is known as "Swedish Death Cleaning. This is called a gentle art, though the title may seem morbid. Swedish Deat Cleaning is about recognizing our mortality and assessing the purpose and value of relationships as they relate to our material posessions. I will assist to you to prepare for the "someday" event, when you leave this earth and your posessions can be left for those you love and care about. It is a very freeing and somehow empowering experience. It takes time but is a steady and gentle process.

UnclutteringME,LLC, serves clients in Central and Down East Maine and online, working alongside them to declutter homes, rooms, studios, shops and more.


"Decluttering" will make all the difference when you need to downsize for an elderly family member or when preparing to relocate. Or, when you just feel like you cannot live with the chaos of all of the stuff that has made its way into your space!


You cannot organize your space if you don't know how to declutter it first.


If you're located in Central or Down East Maine, or if you would prefer to be coached online, a decluttering coach may be the answer to your chronically messy or overwhelming "stuff" situation. 

General and tailored organizing for those who have already decluttered is also provided through UnclutteringME. Once you know what you want to keep and are ready to organize according to your style, I would love to help you get this done.


Contact UnclutteringME for a 10 minute phone consultation and find out how you can make real progress with online or in-person coaching, tailored to your needs.

Knowing where to begin is often the biggest challenge clients face. My mission is to help you be a success and have a clutter free life. (Or at least a clutter free garage!)

Adapt and overcome. You don't have to give up, you can do this!
I can help.

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Disclaimer: UnclutteringME,LLC does not remove your clutter for disposal or donation or otherwise sell or manage your belongings. 

UnclutteringME,LLC will assist you in finding the best ways for you to dispose of, donate or organize your "stuff" and make it easier for you to identify next steps after you have decluttered and begin to organize your space. All of the final decisions belong to you.




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