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Professional Coaching, Decluttering Services

Consider a 10 minute phone consultation for just $10 to assess your needs and find a decluttering solution that will work for you.

10 Minute Phone Consultation

Within 10 minutes we can explore your decluttering needs, critical issues and find out what strategies will likely be best for your particular situation.  If you're ready, you can book a decluttering session with one of the following two options below.


In-person Decluttering/Orgnaizing Coaching

In-person is just that! I will come to your space and see what's really happening where I can make an assessment regarding your needs and see just how you most naturally organize or keep your "stuff".  From there we can work together to get your space functioning toward clutter free living and more peace of mind. Beginning with a minimum 2 hour session, you can book up to 4 hours if you like.


Online Decluttering/Organizing Coaching

Decluttering Coaching can happen virtually with online sessions that cater to those who have less time, need a budget friendly alternative or are just to far for UnclutteringME to travel for the in-person coaching sessions. 

Be sure to have a tripod or ability to set up tablet or PC with camera and microphone so that you can bring me into your space and we can work together to make it better!

Online sessions can be as short as one hour, though two to three hours are optimal to realize the changes you may be hoping to see. 

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