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UnclutteringME Services

Free phone consultations

Phone Consultation

  • 10 Minute Phone Consultation: Just what it sounds like!  A 10 minute consultation via phone or video-chat to assess your situation, let you explain your particular needs and verify that UnclutteringME can help you to solve your decluttering and organizing needs.  If my services are a fit for you, then you can choose one of the following options.

  • $10/10 minute consultation.

In-person decluttering sessions

In-person, Professional Decluttering & Organizing Coach

  • In-person, Professional Decluttering & Organizing Coach: When I work alongside you, my client, I will be there to teach and support you in decluttering your chosen space.  Coaching you means helping you to become objective and realistic about the space that you have vs. the stuff that you can keep in order to maintain an organized and functional space that you can really enjoy. In-Person coaching to declutter your space starts with a minimum of a two hour session. Sessions may go as long as four to six hours when or if you have a serious deadline and the stamina to make the difficult decisions, but need real progress and someone to encourage and direct where you feel uncertain. $100 for 2 hours ($50/Hr.)

Online decluttering sessions

Online, Professional Decluttering & Organizing Coach

  • Online, Professional Decluttering & Organizing Coach: If you are comfortable using video and feel confident that you can follow the steps involved to declutter with a professional decluttering coach, then you may opt for sessions that are as short as one hour each. I will follow the same steps that I offer in person, but you will be doing all of the physical work and need to be motivated so that you can make the most of your session and see real progress in such a short time. $50/Hr.

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